Ways Of Maintaining Your Sofa

Sofas are often used as a focal point in the living room. They can be expensive to buy and even more expensive to replace, so it is essential that you take care of them. A lot of people don’t know just how easy it is to maintain their sofa and make it last longer and nicer over time. Sofa cleaning NYC experts can help you make it clean. But that isn’t enough. There’s more. In this post,you’ll learn some different ways that you can maintain your sofa.

1. Don’t Expose Them To Direct Sunlight

If your sofa is in direct sunlight, it might be a good idea to move the couch away from the window. Direct sunlight can cause fading or discoloration on upholstery fabrics and create an uneven surface that will need constant maintenance due to dirt buildup. 

2. Fluff Up The Cushions

If you want the cushions to retain their original shape, you need to fluff them up. You must do this regularly as cushions can flatten out over time. To get the best results, use your hands to pull on each cushion gently so it’s raised off its seat. Alternatively, you can ask Rug cleaning NY professionals to help you out. If there are any buckles in the fabric, give these an extra tug while pulling upwards with both hands on opposite sides until it pops free from one side. Repeat the same process on the other side. If needed, figure eight shape patterns around the top edge before pushing back the cushion onto the chair’s frame - but try not to push too hard. And finally, rotate cushioned sections slightly forward for even distribution.

4. Vacuum Your Sofas Frequently

It’s a good idea to vacuum your sofas often. Vacuuming will prevent dust, dirt, and other debris from building up on the surface of sofas over time. In addition, vacuuming can help remove allergens that may cause allergies or asthma attacks in sensitive people. You can ask Area rug cleaning NYC service providers to do the job for you.You should keep your cushions protected by using covers when not in use for extended periods. This keeps any buildup out of sight as well as prevents pets from chewing at the material.

5. Don’t Eat On The Couch

Ideally, you shouldn’t eat on the couch. This is because foods and drinks have oils that can stain your fabric or even leave an odor behind. However, if you need to eat a snack while watching TV, try using paper towels or napkins (or something else disposable) to avoid stains. You can also ask Carpet cleaning NY to regularly clean them for you.

6. Don’t Sit On The Armrests

Avoid sitting on the armrests because they can be easy to break and may not have any padding. If you are going to sit, put a blanket or towel on it first so that your body weight is distributed evenly across the couch instead of resting on one area. 

The Bottom Line

It is essential to know how to care for your furniture to extend its lifespan. These tips on how to clean your sofa are easy and efficient. Following them will help you maintain the look of your furnishings.