Valerie J. Lyons

“Allow your mental, physical, and spiritual health to lead you!”

When I first entered my career, there were no classes like this.  I learned by trial and error.  Now, many years later as a Career Coach,  I recognize the need for people to have access to  information that can empower them as they journey through the ups and downs of their career. 

My career continues to evolve and expand and includes coaching,  counseling, teaching, keynote speaking, and facilitating specialized workshops. My goal is to constantly create a career that amplifies my gifts, talents and values while maintaining my joy! 

I have created jobs that didn’t exist in the past and I’ve utilized my strengths and gifts in all of the jobs that I’ve had. I've received promotions as a natural next step and I’ve learned to  nuance politics within organizations and maximize relationships with individuals who hold positions in every level of the organizational chart! I’ve also mastered the art of negotiation and have secured compensation that matches my skills, work/life experience and educational training!

Either we’ve experienced working at jobs that we didn’t like or know others who were dissatisfied with their jobs, didn’t feel valued or respected and ultimately sacrificed their peace of mind for a paycheck.  

In this 1 hour free class we will explore:
  • What has you feeling stuck in your job and how to break free!
  • How to  find freedom and joy in your career
  • My  Career Success Methodology continues to aid many individuals in realigning their purpose and passion with a job that empowers them.

April 13, 2023

6 pm - 7 pm (ET)

 Valerie creates space to make you explore the uncomfortable moments, your fears, second-guessing yourself, and at the same time helping you to recognize your most valuable skills and talent. She serves as your biggest champion and provides support for you to succeed! 

Valrie Barrett, PhD, CASACOperations and Program Development Consultant

 Valerie created a very safe space for us to be open and share. She corrected people when discussing terms. She was compassionate and understanding when we shared our personal stories. The “Critical Conversations: Moving From Cultural Competency to Antiracism” training was effective. 

Asha CameronOdyssey House

 I originally hired Valerie as my business/life coach because I needed a safe space with someone I could trust, to help me work through personal issues that were blocking my business success. However, I received so much more! Her support has truly been extraordinarily valuable. 

Elizabeth M. Madison, MA, RDN, CDNNutrition & Wellness Consultant